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  • What kind of fabric do you use in your nets?
    The fabric is 100% premium Kona cotton. It is flexible enough to allow ease of manipulation and viewing of collected pests, yet rugged enough to stand up to crops such as Cotton and Soybeans. Most of our customers prefer this net.
  • Can you make us a heavier net?
    Yes, we can make heavier nets. Just call us if you want something different. We have had a poly-cotton net available as a selection on the website before but have found that most customers select our 100% Kona cotton fabric.
  • Is this formerly Johnson Sweep Nets of Fresno, CA?
    Yes, after my parents retired we took over operation of the family business in 2009. We moved the small business to San Jose and operate from here. Our office space is in Morgan Hill which is a sister-community to San Jose.
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